Can a Rose Bush live in semi shade?


I'm just after a bit of advice. My garden is south east facing, and gets plenty of sunlight (when we're lucky enough to get any). I want to tidy up my front gsrden borders, only get sunlight in the morning. I've gone and planted in a rose bush tgis morning..willvit survive in morning only sun, can I plant stargazer lilies next to it? Any advice would be most welcome please. Thanks. image



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    Hello. Do you know the name of the rose? Some roses tolerate quite a lot of shade while others are just miserable in it.

    Can't help with the lilies I'm afraid.

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  • It's a David Austin..Lady Sylvia. It was delivered last November. ? I've only just got round to planting it.A bare root shrub.


  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 16,218

    You can see a fair amount of information about Lady Sylvia here.

    As you can see, it will tolerate some shade.

    What is worrying is that you say that it is a bare root rose which you have had since last November but have only just planted. Has it been wrapped up in a plastic bag since November?

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    Hi I have an east facing back garden and all these roses thrive; harlow carr, new dawn, gertrude jekyll, mme alfred carriere,generous gardener, ispahan,and zepherine drouhin

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    My climbing "The Pilgrim" faces east.

    I hope you had those rose roots in some damp compost or temporarily dug in somewhere. Rose roots mustn't be allowed to dry out.

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    David Austin's web site tells you whichh of his roses can be grown in shade. Gertrude Jekyll amongst others needs 4 hours of sunlight a day but that's the minimum.

  • Thank you all so much. I've been so busy with a young baby and we got married, I've only got round to it. I had left it in the garden so it was ok..had even started a shoot on it. lucky , I know.Still I guessed I couldn't make it any worse by planting it.Lily bulbs came today, I'll plant those this weekend. Thanks again.

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    It may not be ideal but roses are surprisingly tough - it sounds as if it'll be fine. 

    Enjoy that baby and if you have any more gardening questions don't hesitate to ask image

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