Potatoes..best ones for storage

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Its time to chose spuds again

? Which ones store well and/or the longest please

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    Hello NewBoy2    

    Are you in Hampshire?

    I am not that great at storing potatoes but if I do I keep them in a paper bag or a hessian sack I have not grown that many to store a lot - probably waxy potatoes

    Hampshire Gardener
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    I'm still eating Charlotte not many left but they have stored well in paper sacks even if the the garage hasn't been as cold as some years. image

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    Garden Girl

    No Im the Bristol one who is single , rich and handsome and tells porkies image

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  • If you are talking about earlies, 2nd earlies........I have found Charlotte and Rocket freeze well.  Either part steam or lightly fry, pop in freezer and then you can get them out to use as you want......either steamed or as roast wedges.  I'm just about to finish off my Charlottes tonightimage

    Main crop ?  Don't know really as I tend not to grow those.

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    I was just going to say Hampshire has a potato day sat and sun on this coming weekend, not sure if any potato days where you live

    In Gw mag just out they have a voucher for free potatoes 10 spuds worth £3.99 and of your choice from Wyevale

    Hampshire Gardener
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    Main crop Pink Fir I still have some of them to eat and they are fineimage

    I grew all of mine in imagesacks 

    Only spuds I've bought since July have been Maris Piper to roast / mash  


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    I still have some Charlotte. You can eat them as 2nd earlies and they last until now. I don't even bother digging them up until I need them, but I suppose it depends what pests and diseases you have in your ground.

    Dordogne and Norfolk
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    I have just finished using Dunluce (earlies) still have lots of Sante, and some Rooster and PFA, though they are all starting to grow sprouts!

    They are kept in hessian sacks in a shed!


  • hi newboy2 I have tried a few but the one I am going for is main crop cara  keep very well this year I am hoping to go right through I have 2 and half 40 gallon water tanks left so far found 2 but they had fork marks in them (  I cover the inside  with card  and of cuts of carpet also on top    hope it helps    Michael mpc

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    the Charlotte were eaten before storing in our household! Still have a few King Edwards (main crop) but they are sprouting now, I dont worry about that, just knock them off and they taste the same.

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