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Grow box with monitoring and remote control system



  • I'm not sure what you are selling. It looks like repurposed mini bars or 19" equipment racks and a picture of plants with no link between the pictures.

    Perhaps a little over the top for domestic gardeners unless the plants they are growing have an big payback in economic terms, as Ali G says "Aaiii!" Not my scene.

    Some folks are serious about their chillies, tomatoes and mediterranean herbs and need to get them off to a good start because we have such a short season.. I am but I'm more serious about holding up my reputation as a penny-pincher.


    If one buys that sort of kit in the UK questions will probably be asked and doors possibly booted in at stupid times of the morning regardless of what plants are being grown. It's a pretty easy job getting court orders to monitor the accounts of resellers of equipment which might be used in the cultivation of Class B drugs, then follow the money. If the Police see unusual coloured light through a window, they will investigate for an easy win. I had a police officer enquire about my fly lamp once when they were up to take a witness statement.

    It's undersized for commercial and lab growers. They work on the Danish or Euro (60x40cm) system. I've worked on horticultural controls for a garden centre chain and commercial fruit growers, and we did that with PLCs and BMS controllers but in large rooms. There have been automated germination cabinets on the markets for decades supporting plant research. For non species-specific lab work, generally on the reference plant species Arabidopsis thaliana there isn't a great need for anything fancy as they readily germinate. 

    I might have looked at something similar if I still worked at sea a few weeks at a time or still travelled abroad on business a month at a time and had money to burn. I'd be doing so as a DIY technical project, for fun, not buying a COTS system. I didn't garden then though. Then again, if I had money to burn I wouldn't be growing my own veg.

    Seems a bit odd to ask us, potential customers what you should market your product as.

  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 21,255
    And here is Agrome (aka vivi1316)'s website.

    Little more than free advertising, I think.
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  • Yeah it looked like it to me. I google imaged the plant photo and it was cross-posted to head forums.


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