need help with bed design and roses

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Hi need help with my bed design for college we are only allowed to use bedding plants i need a type of bedding that is just green no or minimal flowering and maxium height of 40-50cm need the green colour to go with my design cant think or find anything plenty perennials but no bedding...? Also getting my plans ready for my garden wondering about Roses im planning one of each to climb up trellises each side of my door madam issac periere and gertude jerkyll are they climbers? as i have seen them grown as them. Also looking for very heavily scented fast growing climber roses to grow up a archway? Any good strong scented bush or shrub roses for my border? Thank you. Sam


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     Would Nicotiana "Lime Green" be any good for you? Can grow it from seed.

    Have a look at these two sites for roses. 

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    You could try Coleus, green ones exist but may not be so easy to find the seeds or plants as they are grown for their coloured leaves.

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    I have seen cannas in bedding schemes, I dont know if you could class it as bedding plant, I grow some from seed last year, no flowers just green foliage. cant really think of anything else image

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    Cannas can grow very tall and they have red, yellow or orange exotic flowers.

    Madame Isaac Pereire is a Bourbon rose that can be trained as a climber. Gertrude Jekyll is a shrub rose that David Austin also sells as a short climber. Lovely scent.

    For the bedding you could grow herbs. Parsley is biennual so it will be green the first year as it flowers in the second year. Or try Basil, does flower but you can pinch them off which will make them grow bushier. They can be sown from seed.


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  • How do they define 'bedding plant'? Surely bedding is more the way you use it than an attribute of the plant itself. Many traditional bedding plants are actually tender perennials. Could you use lettuce or parsley? Or something like alchemilla mollis which grows quite fast and has green flowers? Or something bushy like pelargoniums and remove the flowers? Some species pelargoniums have very attractive green leaves and really tiny flowers which might not affect your colour scheme too much.

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    These were very popular about 50 years ago. You rarely see them now, which is a pity.
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    Thank you everyone think ive decided on nicotiana lime green. Anyone know of any black bedding? I can only think of black petunias im going to try see if my tutor will let me use ophipogon nigrescenes for a bold outline on my bed design if not trying to think of black bedding with maximum height of 40cm preferably image thanks everyone
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    black pansy, what about oryza sativa black madres if you cant use ophipogon

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