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Talkback: Viburnum leaf beetle

oldchippyoldchippy Posts: 244
Hi James my Viburnum Tinus looks like a net curtain,I would have thought the birds would have taken the grubs to feed there young but sadly not,maybe they don't taste good,Oldchippy.


  • Ah, so this is what has pretty much destroyed my Viburnum acerifolium. I spotted a few partly eaten leaves on the very hot Sunday last week and thought 'must do something about that'. Then promptly forgot about it for a week, by which time about 95% of the leaves have been reduced to skeletons a la the above mentioned LOTR! I was planning on cutting it back quite hard anyway (it's an inherited plant as we moved here last September and is overgrown) so will make a note to burn the trimmings!
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