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when & how to move rose bushes

I was given two lovely rose bushes as a birthday present back in Feb this year & planted them up in a raised bed straight away as I had nowhere else to put them at the time. They've done quite well with lots of good growth & flowers but I want to move them to their permanent home now I've had a chance to work out where this is to be! When should I attempt this & how please? I've never grown roses before. Help!!! 


  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    No, don't move them until they are dormant. Wait until November and choose a time when the weather isn't icy cold or pouring down.

  • dolgarrogdolgarrog Posts: 83

    thanks waterbutts! I understand thats when you should prune them anyway so it'll make them easier to move also! cheers!

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