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I live in the countryside and in the process of completing the garden..I have a small area that goes around the path that i need to plant. The its about 3 ft wide x 10 ft long. It sits under the raised bed and next to the path. I currently have a dwarf conifer and a bamboo planted and a ground covering plant..I still have a lot of room but don't know what else to plant? I want colour..cottage and ones that come back every year..not bedding plants..I will fill the ground with blue slate..the soil gets very soggy in winter as hardly drains due to sandstone about 2 ft down..


  • Hi..yes the garden is south facing area area is protected by the raised bed / timber wall. Planting above this would be exposed..I don't mind some foliage but don't want a lot . I would like all year round colour if possible. Basically I don't want it looking bear. I don't know how to post a picture on here?
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    Hi I am looking for a small shrub/plant that I can put in a outdoor planter that is about 18"deep and 14"wide at the top I would like one that is evergreen and has scented flowers to live in sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon. it did have a daphne in it that died but I had moved it from a pot into the garden and then into the pot I have just described so did that kill it or should I try another one.? Can anyone help me please. 

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    Thank you verdun I will look at that one I have what I think is the most common choisiya in a border kind regards. 

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