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Bizzy Lizzie

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I have been given the task of taking care of my folks plants whilst they complete their new house (derelict).  I am not green fingered in any way shape or form so am looking for some basic information.

The bizzy lizzy is in a pot had next to no soil in it having been left in a hallway neglected (actually forgotten as it was behind something else) so it was on deaths door.  I added a little bit of soil from the garden (chalk soil) and watered occasionally with warm water and its grown like a loony, now nicknamed the 'Triffid'.

Its now come to a point where really it needs thinning before it takes over my windowsill so what is the best way to take cuttings so that they survive and so I don't kill off the main plant?? My parents have had this plant since they married nearly 35 years ago and its a lovely pink flower (is in flower at the moment) so having accidentally revived it I'm reluctant to kill it off so close to it being returned to them.

Many thanks

Also does anyone know a cheap way to create an English hedgerow that will help the local wildlife?  No budget so ideas most appreciated


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    If you take a cutting of about 15cm, and just stand it in water, it will root. You can try both the water method and the soil method, you should be able to get loads of cuttings off of that plant. The original plant will shoot again, just add a spoonful of phostrogen or baby bio to the water when you water it.

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    Lovely, thank you image

    To be fair most things I plant do die rather quickly or look horrendous (I have a pair of lemon trees and an olive that can vouch for that) although there is a spiky ever green with purple and black flowers that I have been trying to kill off that refuses to die... So I'm rather proud of Lizzy.

    My mum also left me with 10 roses, some orchid that are hanging on by the bare teeth and a bay tree that has an understanding with me not to die off completely (it did go a yellow for a while but change of spot next to it's friend the olive seems to have done the trick for now. I just have to keep them alive another month so I'm hoping for the mild weather to continue. One day of snow and a few frosts so far... Cross fingers image
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