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Do bulbs have a use by date?

LottieGYLottieGY Posts: 45

I got some extra cheap bulbs today (I know I keep going on about bargain plants, please don't judge me! image). I guess they were reduced because the time to plant them is long gone. I got some primula vialli, anemone and freesias. The boxes say to plant them in Spring - will they keep til next Spring, or should I just plant them now and see what happens?



  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    They certainly won't last until next Spring.  Now you've bought them you might as well plant them.

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  • mike2limike2li Posts: 29


    At what time of year would the people selling the freesias lift the bulbs ?. 

    I bought 4 pkts of freesia bulbs 30 in each roughly this time last year £1 a bag stored in my shed till spring and planted 5-6 large tubs'

    I reckon 90% grew fine and had some beutiful purple white and blue flowers, the bulbs i planted were all quite firm and looked ok.

  • LottieGYLottieGY Posts: 45

    Hmmm. Maybe I'll experiment and plant one box now and keep the others somewhere dark until the spring. The bulbs are all sealed in bags of compost and then in boxes, so fingers crossed. I figure trial and error is probably a good way to learn this gardening thing!

    Thank you everyone for the replies. All of these posts are so helpful to my learning!

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 63,867

    Primula vialli aren't bulbs - they're perennials and need planting now in damp soil, semi-shaded position - they might just survive.  

    As for the others, I would plant them all now.  I really don't think you've anything to gain by leaving any until next spring - my bet would be that they would rot if not planted.

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