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Bee advise

a bee has made a home in the pole of my garden chair I'm unsure what do  as have a young son and don't want it to get protective and my son to get hurt I don't want to hurt the bee but not really sure what to do please help 


  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Hello Billiejo

    Have you seen the bee bringing any leaves to the chair and pushinf bits of leaf into the chair? Or any soil? If so, the bee is just making a little nest where it will lay one egg. When it has laid the egg it will seal up the hole with more leaf, making a little parcel and fly away and you will never see it again. After that, the egg will hatch into a little grub, and after that the grub will become a little bee which will fly away and leave you in peace. 

    So you have nothing to worry about. The bee is not aggressive and is very unlikely to bother you - it just wants to borrow your chair as a cradle for a few weeks.

  • Hi thanks for your reply yes I saw it take in leaf last night i have seen it at roughly the same time the last 3 nights and I had my legs on chair and didn't seem to interested in me to be honest lol I was just concerned it will lay lots of eggs ?? And if someone sits on chair it will get un happy and attack them 

  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    No, they are peaceful little things. They just want to lay one egg per hole and go away and get on with life.

  • Ok lovely thanks for you help feel less worried now will just watch out for her  image

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