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Poorly Hedge

Today I travelled down to Cinerford to visit my in-laws and collect my son when my father-in-law asked me to take a look at his hedging as it has some fungus on it they where his exact words now the hedging he has is a Prunus laurocerasus rotundifolia
Laurel is it’s common name.
Looking at the leaves they show signs of a white to light grey mildew also the leafs are turning in on them self’s I will try and upload a picture of the leaf’s but I think I’m at a upload limit on the web site



  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    My son had a hedge that got this virus that made a fowl smell when you cut it and killed the hedge in the end and we had to dig it all out.

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  • Chrissieb after a search on the net I came to the same answer as you powdery mildew and told the in-laws to go to a garden centre and buy a pestacide to treat their hedges I will also inform them of your extra infromation big thank you 


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