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LED Plant Grow Light Bulb

Hello there,
I would like to buy LED Plant Grow Light Bulb, which can fit my 2 ordinary desk lamps.

I understand that E27 base will do. There are many other characteristics to chose from.

I understand the voltage and wavelength are important.

The question: which one is the best to buy and use?
Purpose - mainly for early seedling development and some of my indoor plants which are struggling with a lack of sunlight at winter.
I will appreciate if you share your experience. Thanks.


  • My husband got one via Ebay, from Malaysia!  Details are below, and I can definitely say it seems to be working; we have Monkey Puzzles growing well from seed, and my petunia seeds need light to germinate, so have had it on those, and they have started coming up after only 7 days!  The bulb was £2.56 + £1.19 postage.  Search for E27 7W 138LED Red Blue Indoor Plant Grow Efficient Light Lamp  and you should find them.


    100% Brand new and high quality;

    l  Low heat, no UV or IR light radiation;

    l  Red light stimulate flowering and seed production;

    l  Blue light stimulate stem and leaf growth;

    l  Ultra Light weight with fireproof grade plastic

    l  Perfect for green houses.


    l  Quantity of LED: 138

    l  Base type: E27

    l  Color: Red + Blue

    l  Input Voltage: AC 180-240V

    l  Power: 7W

    l  Diameter: 80m

    l  Height: 94mm

  • LubaLuba Posts: 19

    Thanks, useful information

  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 1,054

    MrsDeapSleap did the lamp take long to come from asia? The price looks too good to be true but I am tempted to take a chance an send for one, thanks.

  • It was advertised as between 15-25 days delivery, but actually arrived in 10!

  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 1,054

    Thanks for the reply.

  • BLTBLT Posts: 525

    Don't know if they are LED but do they still make Grolux???

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