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Can anyone recommend where I can buy professional looking plant labels just like the type seen in garden centres - I only want a handful of a few certain plants that I am growing and hoping to sell on - normally I just cut up a used yoghurt pot and write the plant name on the thin strips but I would like some nicer labels. Any suggestions.  I notice that some seed packets now include a plant label stuck on the front but I want more than one of each plant type. Thank you.



  • What type of labels do other gardeners use? At present I just recycle a used yoghurt pot - and a waterproof pen, but they don't look professional and am limited to space for to write plant information.

  • Most garden centers sell plant labels of various kinds some are expensive and some cheap, I've also seen them for sale in Wilkinsons.

  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 8,729

    There is also a big choice online - I have used Labels 'n' Things who were very goodimage

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  • If you mean the illustrated ones, then I think the only solution for a small number would be to make your own and laminate them. Garden centres must commision them in 100s if not 1000s. Otherwise something like slate and silver pencil or painted pebbles might make them stand out from the rest.

  • The problem with good waterproof marker pens is that unless you can try them out before buying - which is almost impossible as most are in sealed containers in the shops, then it is a question of trial and error - my last marker pen was certainly waterproof but the nib was so thick that you could hardly write more than two or three words on the labels because of the size of the script.

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    I buy cheapo ones from the supermarket or DIY store.  Pencil stays on better than pens too  image

    Pebbles with an inked on name sound nice - and varnishing them might make them last longer...image

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    I agree, as ever, with fairygirl. A good old fashioned HB pencil. 

    Some of the labels are a bit shiny, so I rub them with a bit of fine sandpaper to give the surface a bit of texture. This helps longevity too.

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    I use strips cut from yoghurt pots too. I have found the gold and silver permanent marker pens last much longer than the ordinary black permanent marker pens. Not as easy to see though. 

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