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Lawn Levelling

Hi there,

My lawn needs levelling as it is bumpy. I am trying to avoid re-doing the whole lawn as I already have healthy grass.

Is it possible to level my lawn without re-seeding the lawn? If so, how would be best for me to go about doing so? 

Also, it's a north facing garden and is a bit 'boggy' in places - any tips to avoid this?

Many thanks,



  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Joe, it depends how bumpy it is. The best start to make is to improve drainage. If you aren't on clay, you can spike the lawn at regular intervals and brush sharp sand and grit into the holes. It may take a few years of repeated spiking and brushing in to get the best results. With levelling you can use a mix of sharp sand/grit and MPC to fill in the bumps and gaps. On lawns with good drainage you'd do it differently. Mix some grass seed into the mix as well, it soon gets integrated into the turf. As I said it may take a few years to get where you want it, there are rarely quick fixes with lawns.


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