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battery powered lawnmowers

Has anyone used a good lightweight , long battery life, quick charging lawnmower . Desperately need some good recommendations for these.



  • I use the Evopower EVO1536Li 36 volt mower, which I am very happy with, it is certainly better than my previous mower..

    It recharges in 3-5 hours, probably runs about 45 minutes on a charge, although my grass doesn't take that long.

  • I normally use a petrol mower for our three lawns, but as I had put it to bed for the winter, I used my husband's lithium ion mower, when I cut my biggest lawn on December 27th! The grass was quite long because of the weather, but I was pleasantly surprised how robust the mower is. We have two batteries, but they only take a couple of hours to recharge. I don't know the name, but it was bought from the Tool Station catalogue. I would heartily recommend it, although a bit pricey. image

  • Take a look at BBC I player for a programme on last Friday called 'what to buy' they had a test of battery powered mowers.

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    I think the OP's probably got sorted now - the thread's a year old ....image

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    Fg image  wipe your specs - this one's a recent thread image

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    Agree with teamleader.  The programme What to Buy tested 3 battery mowers (Ryobi, Bosch and Sovereign).  The Bosch came out on top overall.  Use the iplayer and you can flick through the ridiculous survey about travelling to Paris for your handwash to save money!!

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    I have a Fiskars momentum push mower, excellent, runs for hours on one charge (breakfast), takes 30 minutes to do about 250 m2, or a 60 foot by 60 foot rear lawn plus small side and front lawns. But it is quite heavy if you have to carry it. 

  • That BBC programme was very limited in what it tested.

    The latest Mountfield Princess 38Li is much better than the Bosch. 

    Has two 48 volt batteries compared to the Bosch with one 36 volt battery.

    Plus the batteries can be used to power a whole range of cordless garden tools (brushcutter, long reach hedgetrimmer etc).  It really is great stuff and well worth a look.

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