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hi my hanging basket strawberries one plant per basket have stopped producing fruit they were planted in june and are strong plants is it ok to be feeding them with tom food once a week or is there something i am doing wrong my alpine ones in the strawberry planter are putting down runners flowering but also fruiting has slowed down


  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    Strawberries will only produce one lot of fruit after flowering, they don't keep flowering and the fruit devlopes after the flower has been polinated. There are dfifferent varieties which flower at different times during the growing season from about June onwards, but you won't get one variety fruiting all summer, that's why the hanging basket plants have stopped producing fruit.     

    Are you sure the strawberries putting out runners are Alpine Strawberries as Alpine's don't normally produce runners. Alpine strawberries are also alot smaller than the strawberries you usually see in shops.

    Certainly whilst they are fruiting feeding is fine and the one's in hanging baskets will need a feed to keep the plants healthy.

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