Pruning a Hebe

Hopefully you can access my photo of a hebe "Mrs Winder".  It has grown much larger than I want.  Firstly are hebes like lavender ie I should not cut into old wood.  Secondly if is not can I just use a pair of shears.  Over the last two years I would not say I have had a 'profusion' of flowers.  Any help much appreciated.


  • Thanks Christopher.  That sounds better than my slash and burn approach.  I am in Weymouth so winters are not particularly hard.  This plant is only about two years old so, assuming it survives my next ministrations, I will be more attentive in the future.  Thanks again.

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    Agree totally with advice given. Leave any pruning until at least late April/May depending on whereabouts in UK you are. Definitely take cuttings. They usually 'take' really easily.

    If it's only a 2yrs old plant & you're already finding it too big, is it a case of 'right plant, wrong place'? Possibly consider moving it, or re-siting once the cuttings have taken? J.

  • Roger to both.  Wilco.  Out.  Cheers


  • I have a couple of very leggy hebes (green leaves with purple flowers). They are about two foot tall and bush out about two feet.  Its all going on at the top and nothing further down.  Can I cut it back to the base as there seems to be some stems lower down.  Any advice will be gratefully received.


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    I don't think I can add anything to the answers given to the original posterimage

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