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Seed and Plant swap 2016



  • Did you grow the red scabious from seed aym? I have never grown scabious but love the look of it and especially the bee attraction bit. It is on my planting list for next year.

  • JomiltonJomilton Posts: 38

    Would anyone like Laburnum seeds or dusky pink aquilegia or orange/yellow poppies?

  • JomiltonJomilton Posts: 38

    Anyone have any yellow rattle?

    or lemon thyme, lemon verbena, lemon grass


  • My well established white and lilac wisteria has given me an abundance of seed pods this year and I just wonder if anybody would like some? I have in excess of 50 pods and I'm more than happy to share them I will attach a picture of my wisteria in flower so you know what your getting and just let me know if you would l some and I'll pop them in the post. Kind regard Rachael

  • granmagranma Posts: 1,860

    Lychnis white

    Lychnis yunnanensis

    Unwins procedure  tomato precious

    Amaranthus Autumn pallet

    Lychnis pink

    Echinops pale blue

    Echinops dark blue

    Unwins goji berries 

    Love lies  bleeding

    Aconitumn sky blue

    Shasta daisy

    Lychnis chalcedonica

    Pink poppy ruffles ( pale pink)

    Phormium  tenex

    Vanilla marigolds

    Delphinium percys pride 

    Any takers One packet of each ...please pm me ...

  • JomiltonJomilton Posts: 38


    I was given a big batch of seeds by a friend, so although it isn't really the time to sow would anyone like any of these for next Spring - most can be sown from Feb and are 2015/16 seeds with a few 2014 or older.

    Some have been opened and resealed, but plenty left.

    I am taking them to a swap tomorrow, so let me know if you want to reserve any and I'll highlight what is left.

    Amaranthus - Joseph's Coat

    Salpiglossis - Casino Mixed

    Nicotinia - Dwarf white

    Brachycome Daisy Mixed

    Cleome - Violet Queen

    Morning Glory - Star of Yelta

    Mesembryanthemum Lunette

    Sanvitalia - Orange Sprite

    Rudbeckia - Cherokee Sunset

    Buddleja - Mixed

    Cape Gooseberry

    Radish - Mooli Mino

    Helichrysum - Tom Thumb Mixed

    Sweet William - Royal Wedding Mix

    Aster - Spider Crysanthemum Mixed

    Lettuce - Salad bowl red and green mixed

    Basil - Sweet Green

    The next ones can be sown in Autumn

    Laurentia Petraea - Blue Stars

    Agrostemma  - Milas

    Poppy - Flanders

    Poppy - Shirley Doubles and Singles


    Have a great bank holiday


  • Victoria SpongeVictoria Sponge WearsidePosts: 2,883

    Bump for Jo and also the following part packs available:




    Hopefully that's seeableimage

    Oh, it isn't- top left in 3rd pic is centranthus ruber...

    Last edited: 28 August 2016 09:46:13

  • Climbing French Bean - harvested seed - very prolific IME

    Lettuce "Winter Gem"

    Spinach Beet - perpetual spinach

    Kale "Black Tuscany"

    Brussels Sprouts "Bedford Darkmar"

    Pea "Kelvedon Wonder"

    Chicory/Radicchio "Rossa di Treviso"

    Mustard "Red Frills"

    French Bean "Champion"

    Mixed Salad leaves - harvested seed.

  • IamweedyIamweedy Cheshire East. Posts: 1,364

    I have just picked the seed heads off my Francoa Petite bouquet .  Bridal Wreath. I have not done this as a swap before.

    I am not too good with seeds . I am sure I will have plenty. I know about packing them in paper bags or envelopes etc .

    Would it be best to just send one of the long seed head stems if anyone wanted some. The seeds themselves seem minute.

    One or two of the seed heads on the stem have just started to open  but there are several more.

    Any thoughts from those who know what they are doing.

    'You must have some bread with it me duck!'

  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,234

    I've no idea what I'm doing weedy but I should imagine a stem would work if someone wanted share.

    Here's what I have to offer. I haven't very many of each as a lot came from a T&M offer and they were very mean but I should have enough to share.

    Sweet rocket (purple)

    Aquilegia Sweet rainbows

    Cat mint

    Achillea Summer Berries F2

    Aquilegia x hybrida Firecracker

    Delphinium Magic fountains

    Candelabra primula hybrids mixed

    Californian poppy  Sunshine Mixed

    Poppy "Ladybird"

    Ice Plant (mesembryanthemum) Sparkles Mixed

    Greater knapweed

    Evening primrose


    The following are seeds I've collected from my own plants so may not come true.

    Aquilegia (random)

    Digitalis (white)

    Primula (Millar's crimson)

    Lupin (Gallery red)

    Lupin (lemon/yellow)

    Lupin (pink)

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