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    Like Verdun, no templates. Pittosporums grow from a single stem, and so lend themselves well to having a single trunk, and then you just go for whatever shape foliage you want.  Lonicera nitida are suckering, and produce multiple shoots at ground level, so a single trunk wouldn't really work, they work better as a block shape of some kind.  Both plants will quickly grow out any errors you make. You may need a frame if you want an object (animal, etc), but otherwise you shouldn't need one just to make the usual domes/cubes/pillars, etc.  It's more fun freehand!

  • I use a circle of galvanised steel when trimming my box spheres to keep them all uniform. I also generously mulch the box to encourage new growth. It also helps to reduce blight (that & good ventilation around the plants). When you choose you plants to topiarise, select ones closest to the shape you have in mind for it. Enjoy!????
  • Here are mine 



     A swan

  • image

     A bear 

  • image

     Will be a flower 

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