Chinotto Orange tree

Hi there, we have a 3 year old 2ft Chinotto orange tree, it's leaves are covered in a sticky substance, we cant tell whether the leaves have oused this or whether its a result of something else, anyone any ideas. Thanks


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    Probably a colony of aphids have got in there. The sweet sticky substance is what they excrete.

    Can you see any teeny tiny papery husks lying on leaves or on the edge of the pot? You are unlikely to see the insects themselves but you might see these things which are their cast off skins.

    A quick spray with some systemic insecticide should sort them out.

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  • You can also wash all the leaves and stems with a very dilute mix of washing up liquid and then rinse with clean water.

    If you are keeping it indoors all the time, try spraying the foliage with rain water every so often to counteract the dry atmosphere.

    I don't know the variety you mention but Citrus in general don't really make good trouble free "house plants".  Best to have them outside for as long as possible.

  • Thanks very much for your help, my wife is washing the tree (well 2ft!!) with soapy water & then we will spray it

  • Peter............" and then we will spray it ".  Not sure if you were referring to an insecticide spray or just clean water.

    If you clean the tree as described and improve it's micro climate, hopefully you will not need to use an insecticide.

    Best of luck anywayimage

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    Check for scale insects as well. They can be removed with a piece of cotton wool soaked in meths.

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