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David Austin Roses, are they worth it?



  • Louise BLouise B Posts: 81

    I'm a total novice so my opinion is probably a bit naive but I'm very much on the fence about D A roses.

    I bought three different D A roses based upon their fragrance and disease resistance.

    They all smell wonderful. Nicest smelling roses I've encountered.

    However, they all suffer from one disease or another so I'm constantly cutting bits off. They have been very slow to grow and although they have a lot of flower buds, they open and wilt in a blink. I never get a huge mass of beautiful flowers and intense scent at once that lingers.

    Perhaps that is just roses in general though. I did prepare and plant as directed.

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  • B3B3 Posts: 20,024

    Louise, try Arthur Bell. It comes  as a shrub and a climber. It's yellow, repeat flowering with a good scent and firm flowers that have good resistance to the rain unless the petals are about to drop off anyway. I grow them in containers and in the ground.

    They get a bit of black spot now and again, but most roses do.

    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • rosemummyrosemummy Posts: 2,010

    I just bought Olivia Rose Austin and Geoff Hamilton, both beautiful, wonderful fragrance, planted out last week so hope they do well. On the other hand had Alanm Titchmarsh for 2 years, and although the flowers are lovely and they smell wonderful, the habit is awful, the flowers all flop down with their faces in the soil except one random shoot which when my bach was turned for 5 minutes shot up to almost 5 foot leaving the rest drooping sown sadly, as soon as that shoot flowers I'll chop it and hope it evens/strengthens

  • Olivia Rose Austin is definately next on my list when I can find a gap for another rose.

    I have had most of my David Austin roses for 3 years.  I Found that the first year I had to stake them with bamboo canes.  The second year I needed less canes - 1 per plant and this year they are all beautifully upright and able to support their flowers with no support.  It just takes a little time for the stems to thicken and become stiff.  

    Worth the effort though as the flowers are do beautiful and large.

  • Sam JessonSam Jesson Posts: 119

    Thanks for all these responses :-) keep them coming! I'm becoming a rose-a-holic! 

  • Aster2Aster2 Posts: 629

    The shrub that I planted this spring, Lady Emma Hamilton, now has several wonderful blooms and lovely floral scent.

  • AnomanderAnomander Posts: 88

    I'm trying to wind down on the roses- I must, to be honest! My local Wyevale just had some shabby looking  DA ones reduced to only £5 and I couldn't resist: 2 Darcey Bussell and 1 Tess of the D'urbervilles have therefore now joined the gang. Some Roseclear and good planting has seen them well on the road to recovery. I put seaweed meal, fish, blood and bonemeal,  and slow release fertilizer into a mixture of (crumbled clay) garden soil and compost, with some chopped banana peels thrown in just before completely covered- they seem to like it.

    I DO have two more DA on my list to make my collection complete: Olivia Austin is supposed to be the pinnacle of their achievement in health, scent, form and vigour. Finally, Jude the Obscure's fragrance took me unawares this year when a colleague brought some flowers into work- stunning! It can be grown as a vigorous shrub or climber.

    Has anyone else had a lot of their blooms rot due to the very wet summer though?? It was terrible! The only rose that is doing well, despite this, is my Munstead Wood. Now THERE was a good investment!

  • rosemummyrosemummy Posts: 2,010

    yes Anomander,lots of my roses buds have rotted and fallen off, think Gertrude is the exception,Olivia is utterly perfect, the most I've evr spent on any plant but looks and smells worth it, lets hope it performs longer term too, the 2 on my must have list that I haven't yet managed to acquire aren't DA, Felicite et Perpetue ( talked about on another thread, went to get today and they'd sold out , sob!) and Queen of Denmark, though I read Queen of Sweden didn't have great scent, saw it , it was stunning m and I thought smelt lovely... chopped banana peels? not tried that, is that your secret to amazing healthy roses?

  • I have about 15 roses combination of bush and climbers and by far David Austen are most prolific in flowering disease resistance nd beautiful smelling.cost a bit more but worth it. Am looking at replacing all with DA

  • Is there any sales on DA roses

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