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David Austin Roses, are they worth it?



  • Just bought Golden Celebration and a couple more container-grown for £7.50 each at Apuldram Roses for my new garden.

    Golden Celebration has been my best DA rose in the last 12 years.

  • slwslw Posts: 14

    Has anyone had any experience growing Iceburg pink or Iceburg burgundy floribundas? I have always grown the traditional white Iceburg and wondered if the others have the same growing habit. Also has anyone had success growing roses bought from the Parkers catalogue?

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 17,519

    Hello. You could try starting a new thread with your question. This is an old thread about David Austin roses.

    I have never grown Iceburg apart from white ones and I'm must admit I wouldn't buy roses from Parkers. There are good rose breeders such as David Austin and Peter Beales.

    Dordogne and Norfolk
  • Marlorena says:

    dominia30... I completely agree about Trevor White roses, in fact I try to point people towards them as a first point of call if you are looking for a particular variety, as I have found their grafted roses to be larger with huge roots, and cheaper, compared to other better known suppliers... 

    See original post

     I went to Trevor White‘s website because of your post and found the exact three I was after a lot cheaper than DA which was a moot point because one of them was out of stock.image

     Honorine de Brabant, Variegata di Bologna and Ferdinand Pichard, came to £38.80 delivered which is reasonable for the sheer volume of border they are going to take up - the border actually runs up in a strip dividing the border garden from the mini orchard so they will be visible 360 degrees.  

  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 5,547

    Wait till you see the size of the plants, and the roots...  I doubt you'll be disappointed.   I hope they do well for you... 

  • Doghouse RileyDoghouse Riley South ManchesterPosts: 347
    edited October 2021
    We've a lot of David Austin roses, most are here on our "rose patio" our former koi pool.

    I bought half a dozen bare root ones two years ago. Altogether we've more than two dozen roses,  most are in pots. Only about a third are David Austin.

    Today, a David Austin catalogue arrived. " They know where you live!" and my wife grabbed it before I could put it in the bin.

    So "we've" ordered two more bare root roses, Gertrude Jeckyll and Vanessa Bell.

    It's likely that two on the rose patio will eventually get relegated to "the alley of shame," (the drive next to the side of our house, where out of favour roses end up rather than in the bin. they struggle a bit as they don't get much sun).There's half a dozen down there at the moment.But there's room for a few more.

    The descision to  be taken in the spring.

    This  red rose from a garden centre a few years ago  which was mislabelled and should have been white, she particularly dislikes, (she says red roses remind her of funerals).

    When it's breezy, "it waves at her through the side kitchen window, just to annoy her."

    Prices have gone up by a third in two years.

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