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. First grade loose root plants

Mrs MMrs M Posts: 34

Hi. Can anyone tell me   what size  First grade loose root plants are ? That is the description given on a nursery website of plants I was looking at. Any other size descriptions would be useful too if anyone knows of any.  Many thanks.


  • Just tried googling what "First grade loose root plants" means only to find several websites offering such plants for sale.

    My first thought would be that the plants are sold as "Bare Root" and using the words "First grade loose root plants" is a rather grand way of describing them giving the impression that they are something more special!

  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923

    really good bare root plants? maybe tied with a ribbon instead of bog standard twine?

  • Mrs MMrs M Posts: 34

    Hi.Thanks for your replies. I also googled it Mark but nothing seemed to explain the term. I had been looking at a Hosta Philippa but other plants used that term too. The company I was looking at was J Parkers, who I have dealt with before and their plug plants were great.  I imagine the loose root  means free from (without) soil and so is similar to bare root. Will probably just give it a try and satisfy my curiosity..

  • I couldn't find an explanation either and until now I have never come across the term either.

    I think it's a rather posh grand way of saying its bare root myself and no more than that.

  • Mrs MMrs M Posts: 34


    At last - found this on J Parkers website. All clear now. Thanks for help.

    1st Grade Loose Root Plants

    Top graded plants, although different varieties produce different sized root systems. Grown for at least a year in a nursery field and then lifted in the autumn when dormant. These deciduous plants are mature and cold stored right up until we despatch them. Plant these plants straight into your pots or borders as soon as you receive them. Water them on planting and they will establish over the winter and burst into life in spring. They are carefully packed and delivered to you in a parcel along with other hardy plants and bulbs you may have ordered.

  • These are all what I would expect to get if I'd ordered Bare Root.

    These are Bare Root, nothing special about these. Describing them as First grade loose root plants is as suspected a rather grand way of describing what is no more than Bare Root.

  • Mrs MMrs M Posts: 34

    Yes, exactly - however, now we know what to expect if ordering "loose root". We live and learn.

  • Well done


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