Is this Right for Sweetcorn?

Hello all, This is the first time I have grown sweetcorn. I throught you only get one corn from a plant. Please look at the picutre. the corn has red things growing of it. should I pick these of. Is my corn growing right? thank you




  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 13,892

    The male flowers come first. That is what you see. The female flowers are lower down the stem, sticking out from an axil. The female tasselly bits get pollinated by the male by the pollen dropping off the top onto the females below. Tapping the stem occasionally helps. you will see a cloud of very fine pollen descending. Sweetcorn are best grown in a block to help polination, which is by wind and not bees.

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  • jayne 1jayne 1 Posts: 37

    great, so they are doing well then, thank you

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