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Hi.  I have tried to create threads with ongoing comment but seems to me this is not wanted - just one and two liners -  questions etc  - fair enough. I would like to continue posting but think just similar "shorties" are appropriate. So yer gonna get my "Keenisms" - i.e. from time to time  some of my little stories and reflections stemming from over the years. Should this not be liked then please say and I will walk. First is ref Eucomis - or Pineapple Lily and a little story surrounding this. Starts in 2011 and my sister arrived with a pot containing a lot of very shrivelled and unhappy looking foliage. Seems that whatever this is was there when they moved in and it was not something they liked so it was headed for the "brown bin" - this being the Councils garden refuse container. Did I know what it was - well yes I did (bighead) because there was just this shrivelled stem of an ex flower still with the "Topknot " just recognisable. I will give it a go and I did and thereby hangs this story.     Out of the pot and trimmed of all that very shrivelled foliage - placed in the shade and the almost equally shrivelled large bulb given several fine sprays of water hoping to recover it. Seemed to be appreciated so a very special position in the hottest part of the garden was allocated to it and prepared, this was just side to a largeish Thuya and gave it partial shade during the hottest part of the day but sunshine otherwise. It was left there for the winter and in 2012 did put out a few leaves and also just two flowers. Nuirsed it all year and came the winter off to sleep it went again - that was 2012. Very happy to say that this year 2013 it is going great guns with a nice mass of healthy foliage and quite a number of flower stems with the typical "Topknots" already formed.  It is all systems go for a good show and I am so pleased - nay delighted.  I am wide open to being called a "nut" or a "crank" or both here when I say this  but I do not care at all. I am sure that whilst standing near to it  looking at this once absolute wreck of a plant and seeing it  now  looking so robust and healthy I can here a little voice saying Thank you  -  Can't be bad can it. Satisfaction for sure.  Will send some pics.


  • Keen, there are lots of us on here who enjoy chat. Goodmorning Forkers and Evening Forkersare two. Lots of usalso love seeing picsof each others gardens and plants. It would be great to see a pic

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    nut or crank? you'll be OK here.image

    bring on the pics

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,107


    one of the reasons you don't see longs screeds is because it takes some of us so long to type a one-liner

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    Hi, Keen 

    Don't stop creating threads, more makes for a better, interesting board, if they're similar to what's already on I'm sure someone will say. I tend not to post on the forkers, started off with good intentions but can't keep up with the banter as I don't usually come on line till about this time. Everyone seems friendly on there though and they welcome newbis.

    Some threads are seasonal and others are resurrected every now and then by being bumped up. I imagine the seed swap one will return, as now is the time to start collecting seeds.  

    I liked the weather thread as most posters just posted once or twice a day, ever so easy to keep up with but that seems to have dropped out of circulation image

    Happy postingimage, one other thing, long postings are easier to read if split into paragraphs. 

  • Keen 1Keen 1 Posts: 187

    Hi. Last comment ref Eucomis. Heres the pics I promised yesterday. One of the whole plant and another showing close up of the stem, topknot and forming flower buds beneath it.  Does anyone else grow this - as stated I "took it on " in a very ailing condition rather than see it just go in the bin. Ref the paragraphs I agree but for some reason this less than 3 year old PC of mine does not. By that I mean when I finish a sentence and attempt to start a new paragraph the whole text





    disappears - gremlins?.

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