Garden design for a new build

I moved into my a new build a year ago.  The garden is approx 50ft wide and 40ft deep. N/NW facing and heavy clay soil with a slight slope downwards away from the house on the bottom right hand side.

The developers laid turf and I instructed them to leave a 1m wide border along both sides and the bottom (a hasty decision, mainly to make mowing easier). 

I have since planted 3 small trees along the bottom boundry (Hawthorn/Plum Cherry/Crab Apple) and planted a mixture of shrubs and perennials in the borders, although large gaps remain.  Mainly because I can't decide what to put there!

However, I think we need to chage the shape of the borders to make it more visually interesting and/or add some sort of feature to give the garden some height.  I also don't know how best to deal with the slope!

I am a keen (fair weather) gardener and like a fairly traditional look with maybe a slightly contemporary edge.  My other half is fairly competent with DIY but we don't have a big budget.





  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,256

    I'm no garden designer.  I like your choice of trees though

  • PinklepurrPinklepurr Posts: 10

    Thanks!  We were guided by Barcham Trees (who I can highly recommend) and they have been a joy to see develop over the last year.  Each tree has something interesting going on at any one time.  The Malus "Evereste" had the most incredible blossom in the spring!

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    I would make the borders curved because I think curves are more interesting than straight lines. By playing about with shapes on a piece of paper you will find that some curvey lines make the garden look longer [ if you want that ] If the garden is fenced it is easy to add height with climbers. Alternatively you could put up tripods in the borders and grow climbers up them.

    Have you thought about a small pond?

    The choice of trees as nut says are ace

    Re the slope you could make a terraced bed or just ignore it.

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    I think putting in some curves would be good, as punkdoc says, and bringing a bed out into the lawn, perhaps as you get near one of the corners, to encercle an area where you could either gravel or pave it and use it for a seating area. Build an arch or a pergola to give shade and height and grow some climbing plants over it. You could have a water feature or pond as well. How slopey is the slope? Could it be used for a waterfall to go into a pond, or is that too ambitious? Have you planted any bulbs?

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