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Talkback: Buying lily bulbs

This variety looks gorgeous. I'll have to find some to grow this year. My biggest problem growing them is that lily beetle always attack them. Any ideas for keeping lily beetle away?


  • Hi Thompsom and morgan are selling what they call Tree lily. I have ordered some but was wondering if any of the readers or viewers have any and how well they are performing...They say they get 8-10 ft high.....
  • I'll be growing T&M's tall-growing "tree lilies" this summer to report back in Gardeners' World Magazine next year. If anyone is trying them this summer then do let us know how you get on at [email protected]

    Happy Gardener, as far as lily beetle are concerned, you can spray with insecticide to prevent attack. Alternatively be vigilant! Lily beetle start attacking fritillarias in spring, and then move on to lilies. I check plants daily if possible, looking for signs of red beetles at the tip or evidence of leaves being nibbled. Pick off and destroy any pests you find.
  • please can anyone tell me of the best way of keeping plants off a few plants that are in beds that I do not want to surround with fences do the chemicals work when sprayed on the plants
    thanks in advance
  • sorry the above post was supposed to read rabbits
  • I bought some Tree Lily Bulbs and planted them today. Can anyone tell me roughly how long they take to come through please ?
  • To answer my above question they are peeping through already.
  • I recently bought from t & m 9 tree lilies which have been growing over winter in a large container and are now ready fro planting out into the garden. Can anyone recommend planting distances?
  • I have grown some tree lily's this year and they did quite well. As the petals have dropped can anyone tell me when do I cut the stalks down. Is it now or do I leave them till they die down?
  • my small garden is a glorius sight and the scent isout this world.i'm only sad when they 'drop'///.i mleave in the ground and so far everything 's fine.i want more///
  • i have lillies growing in pots and in my garden im addicted to any lilly i love them there smell is beautiful but the lilly beetle is a battle i spray and kill them with my fingerson a daily basis
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