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    Neither can I David.  

    If you are alluding to me and others Snow, it's because i have nothing else to say on the subject.    You don't have to keep on keeping on.  

  • As I understand it, someone upset Jo with a comment/picture/whatever. This happens all the time in the real world but people don't just alienate themselves from everyone else in their circle of friends. If Jo has decided that she no longer wishes to be a member of this forum then that's up to her. However, she must be a delicate soul if one person has caused her so much upset that she feels unable to communicate with the, probably, hundreds who make up the rest of the community. Perhaps if anyone actually knows her, in real life that is, they might be able to speak to her and ask her what's up?

  • Potteringabout, I think I'm right in saying, that there were a few other things that had upset Jo on GW and the pic/quote was the last straw.

    But I do agree perhaps we should stop now. If Jo wants to return in the future, I'm sure she will.

  • Please, pretty please, let this thread vanish into oblivion's what Jo would have wanted. image

    If Liverpool lose tonight, I'm going there, brace yourselves! image

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