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  • I have had my first pond for about 6 months. Out of the plants I got my favourite has been lobelia cardinilas. It has a lovely tall red spike in summer

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  • Thanks, Dovefromabove! Pasting my other post below, but I'll keep an eye on both threads.

    I'll contact the puddleplants place, too.


    I think I posted about this a while ago, but I can't remember how to find old posts.

    I made my small pond in the Autumn  - it's only 5-6 metres around the perimeter - and now I need to start thinking about putting some plants in and around it.

    It's supposed to be a wildlife pond, so any suggestions of native UK pond plants that I should buy for it - including how many plants of each variety I would need for a small pond? I'm referring to plants that will be planted in the water.

    Then there's the plants to go around the edge. As some of the pond lining is exposed, I need some plants that will hang over the side and won't mind dipping into the water. But I also want other plants for planting around the pond to provide cover and habitat for wildlife and visitors to the pond. Due to the overlap of the pond liner being buried under the soil around the edge of the pond, I don't think any of the plants, except the ones actually planted in the water, will be able to access any water from the pond. So, I'm wondering if it's pointless buying pond plants for around the edge as they won't get any extra water from the pond?

    Aesthetically, it would be nice to have some reeds around the edge, and would also provide cover for wildlife, but I'm worried it will just die from lack of water. I don't want to plant anything around the edge which I will end up having to water myself in order to keep it alive.

    And will I need to buy aquatic soil to plant plants in the water or can I just use garden soil?



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    I posted on your other thread as well.  I would plant the in-pond plants directly into washed grit or gravel and skip aquatic (or garden) soil.   I saw Monty do it and I did it in my very small pond and it worked fine.  Silt builds up regardless and initially your plants will get enough nutrients from the water.   I'm another fan of Puddleplants.

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