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Weeping Prunus

I have a Prunus Kiku-shidare-Sakura weeping tree. 


Only a few branches are weeping and the rest are growing upwards. 

Three of the upward branches have broken so need to cut them off but I'm wondering if I should cut all of the upward branches. it does look a strange but its at the back of the garden so I've just left it. But now as there are damaged branches I need to make a decision.

It says on the label 'top worked at 120cm. 



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    Hi Heather, I have a couple of thoughts about your cherry tree.  Firstly do the weeping branches start off upright and then gradually 'weep' as they get longer?  'Top worked at 120cm - is that the height of a graft or the length of the trunk - dont think they are grafted but I could be wrong.  If you are going to prune it now is the time to do it to minimise risk of silver leaf disease.

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  •  that's a difficult one. We inherited the tree when we moved here 2 years ago. I would say that it is grafted. One graft weeping and the other upright.

    the three upright branches that have broken with the wind would never weep. These branches don't seem flexible like the weeping branches but the leaves are the same.


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