broccoli and cauliflower

Hi, I grew broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts from seed and have a lot of healthy looking plants but no florets even starting to show. I did water them a little over this hot spell, but....

Any ideas why? Will they come eventually? this beautiful summer and it seems its my worst for growing veg ( although I am only on my 3rd year) Even potatoes ( Charlotte and Sarpo Mira)  have been disappointing in that only 12 out of 30 chitted tubers have made an appearance. ( and I am in N.Ireland! ) 


  • John HardingJohn Harding Posts: 485

    Don't be too impatient re the Cauli & Broccoli florets: It will depend on the variety but many sown in spring/early summer one year will not mature until spring next year. In my early days a friend gave me some white flowering broc. plants called 'Nine Star Wonder' by the autmn nothing had showed re florets so I pulled them all out & binned them. Told my friend they were a waste of time & space & he laughed - Why, didn't you realise, he said, they don't mature until April next year, you could have had a brilliant crop! Needless to say I felt a right fool at the time.

    Maybe I should have put this response on "The daftest thing you've ever done in the garden" thread. It's certainly up there with the winning contenders!

  • lesley62lesley62 Posts: 2

    Hi lol thanks. I cant remember what variety they are, but I am sure they were to harvest this year. Beginning to think I am growing cabbages. Will hang in there and hope image By this time last year I had cropped several broccoli. This growing veg malarky isnt as simple as I thought. What with rabbits, slugs, birds and weather....still is nothing better than pulling veg from ground and eating it 30 mins later. I should have used "persevering" as my username

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