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Help - bumps on branches of olive tree


I was given an olive tree a few months ago as a gift and it's potted in our conservatory. Whilst watering it today I noticed there are closely clustered bumps/ scales on the branches and these are brown, yellow and the odd clear one. There is also sticky clear substances (like sap?) on some of the leaves. There also seem to be a few tiny insects flying around the base of the plant.


O have no idea what this is or how to treat it. I really don't want to lose the tree for sentimental reasons. Can anyone offer any advice or tips on how to deal with this?


Many thanks in advance


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,262

    The bumps sound like scale insects. You can remove them with meths on a bit of cotton wool, or a suitable pesticide spray

    The tiny midges may be compost midges. They don't do any harm. If they irritate you too much give them a blast with fly spray.

  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    Might also be worth moving it outside for the summer. Give it a bit of fresh air...and the flies will fly away image Check under the leaves re the sticky stuff. May be aphids. Again moving it outside would let the predators get rid of them for you.

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  • IamNatNatIamNatNat Posts: 2

    Thanks all - great tips! I've bought some pesticide for scale, will also try the meths and putting it outside. Thanks again!

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