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Bay trees in sunny position this summer

Hi there,

Just seeking some advice re my bay trees - they are in a really hot and snny position at the front of our house in pots with moisture control compost and have been thriving all summer. A day or to ago I noticed the leaves starting to crinkle and a few browny coloured leaves. I have been watering well every night since thec weather has been warm and use plant food fortnightly. Just wanted to know if im going wrong? 

Thanks, Justine


  • John HardingJohn Harding Posts: 497

    Bay trees do not like to be wet. We have one 1/2 standard bay in a pot which is doing OK in the sun and we rarely give it any water & even when we do we are very sparing. Watering every day is a clue to the problem + I don't think you need to give plant feed anywhere near that regularly (if at all)

    PS, the pot is 12" (30cms) dia, terracotta




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