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Large doors looking out into the garden - great, but this year especially,  birds are flying into them on a more regular basis, sometimes fatally which is very sad for us.  So has anyone found something which works and doesn't offend the eye when looking out.  Friends have disc things but I find them distracting when looking out.  I do leave the doors as dirty as I can to deter this - help!!


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    Can the birds see through the house?  If not, net curtains are the only answer!

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    Hi Welshonion


    We have 2 sets of bi-folds either side of the kitchen, but they are not opposite one another - one on the side we have bird feeders etc., but the other is open to the garden and has a much more open approach.  We thought it might be the youngsters who are trying to get to the other side of our kitchen!   Hate net curtains as they will obscure the wonderful view of the garden but thanks for the suggestion anyway.


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    I have a similar problem with my greenhouse's . Birds fly  in and wreck the plants in there panic of trying tpo get out . So I have just bought some cheap large about 12 inch long colourful  wall stickers from  BM bargains. These I have stuck  on the  inside as well as a couple on the outside   , it is just an experiment .  The sticking power is quite strong but I am hopeful . They had an assortment og designs from flowers to story book characters .

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    For the greenhouse were using the old fashioned beaded curtain or the plastic strip sort is good as it lets plenty of fresh air through Argos do a poshish one for ??15 for the house doorways ,the plastic ones are much much cheaper and work ok,hope it helps mateys

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    I put a hanging glass ornament which they can see and will aviod.

  • We've been having the same problem Mutley 200, with all of our windows! Thankfully so far no fatalities and in spite of the resounding bang when the birds do hit the windows with a little force they all seem perfectly capable of flying straight off again. We had an absolute influx of fledglings in our garden this year and its the babies doing the window bashing, bless them! We don't have any nets or anything covering our windows, curtains of course but they're not drawn during the day, as we are very tree lined and something the house is not as light as you'd think in full sun so covering the windows isn't an option but we've noticed that the birds are learning, slowly to avoid the windows, no hits at all in the last couple of days, we've seen some come close, anchor on the breaks and veer off at the last minute so they're definitely capable of learning. Fingers crossed for you that you don't have any more fatalities and that they learn to detour around your windows.

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    I was going to suggest hawk decals  but when I googled I found a few interesting pages that suggested that they don't always work eg "Note, however, that birds will attempt to fly through any space larger than 3-4 inches, so decals and strips must be close together over the entire surface area to be effective."  However, looking at the reviews, some people do seem to find them effective - it must depend on individual situations... and perhaps you'd find them just as distracting as the disc things.
    "Position your bird feeders, birdbaths and other attractants half a meter (1.5 feet) or less from your windows. From this short distance, birds cannot build up enough momentum to injure themselves should they hit your window."          

    I recall reading about a film that can be applied to the window - we wouldn't notice it, but the birds would see a barrier. (I think it was when I was looking at window tinting solutions.. uv ray blocking).

    If breaking up the reflection is the solution then I think sun catchers and crystals would be the most attractive options. Maybe when they've been up a few days you won't find them as distracting?

    I like this idea: "Place thick planter boxes with flowers and shrubbery at the base of dangerous windows. This will encourage birds to land in the plants for shelter rather than seek escape through the window." but perhaps they would get in your way since your problem is with doors.

    I hope you find something that works both for you and the birds.

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