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Blueberry help

Susan10Susan10 Posts: 1

Hello all, I am new to this forum but wondered if you can help.

We have two blueberry bushes in pots set in correct soil. The leaves are going rust red from the tips of the leaves.  Some one said you can over water blueberries.

This is our first attempt so any advice would be good.


  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

     Ihave two in the right soil but silly me pruned them to soon and did not feed them hence not alot of fruit.image

  • PassionatePassionate Posts: 225

    I'm not sure that you can over water blueberry plants but because they are lime haters they do say you should only give them rain water not tap water, unless ofcourse you really have too.

    Are your pots big enough, experts say repot to a larger one each year, i put mine in large pots so they could grow into them maybe the leaves are feeling a bit squashed ?

    My plants produce redish leaves in autumn 

    I have three large plants and two of them are growing well with a great crop, the third one is a late bush which extends the cropping  Mmm lovely.

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