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Do ants damage??

I have red ants and normal ants all in my beds. Ado they damage plants they are all over my dahlias and the campanula bell flowers have tiny holes in the petals and leaves. Anyone know??

do they eat black aphids that are pall over my dahlias??


  • FarmergeddunFarmergeddun Posts: 229

    They don't eat the blackfly - they farm them!! Ants will move aphids to plants that are not affected as they feed on the sticky honeydew that aphids produce when they eat the plant sap.  Ants will actively hunt down and kill ladybirds and the like that feed on aphids in the same way human famers do with livestock predators such as wolves and foxes.

    I would try to find the ant nest and destroy it as well as tackling your blackfly problem.  If you are not into using chemicals you could find the nest and either dig it out - it could be huge, use boiling water (not very effective) or set up some system to keep the nest damp (ants like to have their nests in dry, sandy areas).

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