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Hi all, I'm writting in responce to variouse items in this months copy of GW magazine 'July 13', I have no Idea how online forums work !! Lets have a go image in responce to "how do I tackel slugs", as a beliver in permaculture  I have been encoraging wildlife in to my garden for some years now!  Natural predation of  perceved pest's drawing in headgehogs  thrushes etc  Slugs provide a dymnamic influx of wildelife to to the garden! ensuring every area is poplated with activity ! If you have a handy resorce such as Badgers to also naturaly 'manage' you Slug populationimage  balance is key. Encorporating nectar rich Perennials into your garden  provides a backboan of support for insects- wider wildelife ! this months offer p4-5 offering  48 / 24  'free perrenials' seems to me to be an ideal starting point !  planting being aware of there fully growen size ! other could be planted in Linners to bulkup , providing plants which could be given away next spring! ? or they could be serobticiously planted in aminity beds where apropreate "for thouse gurrila gardeners amung you" image 


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