Sad apple tree

After several years of neglect I'm ashamed to say one of my apple trees looks like this (same tree, from three angles):






Where do I even start with trying to sort out the tangle of crossed branches?! I've read that apple trees should be gradually reshaped over a few years but I don't know how gradually! I don't know what kind of apple tree it is; eating rather than cooking with green and rosy skin.


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    I think I'd star by reducing the overall height first. Prune back to a fruitng spur and then stand back and have a good look. I've seen worse I must say but the aim would be to create an almost bowl shape more open at the centre to let light in. You can afford to lose those lower branches completely and some of those more lateral branches as well. There's plenty of nice upright growth to leave which will give you fruit next year. For me I'd be brave now. Get the shape it's not too big a job to tackle and I think doing that tree over a few years would waste time.


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