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Why doesn't my skimmia have any berries?

I've got a skimmia reevesiana that doesn't seem to be producing red berries. It has the beginnings of some berries forming, but they're tiny little buds and haven't grown into proper berries. It should be a hermaphrodite, but it's planted next to a male species anyway. It was only planted in April.

I thought it was the mild weather at first, but I've seen others around with berries on. Is mine just a bit late?


  • Thanks for the reply, hopefully I'll get some berries eventually then. I'm bored of waiting for some winter colour! 

    The male skimmia next to it has lovely red buds and I've got my red cornus branches to look at but I'm still waiting for the reevesiana berries and for my nandina to turn red.

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