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Talkback: Garden frost

Yes, you are correct after first frost it should kill most of the pests outdoors, or make then go into hibernating.


  • I found a red lily beetle yesterday while turning over some soil - seems not all the pests are being killed off.
  • My astrantia has disappeared, are they slug resistant????
  • As I peruse the ice and frost outside, I do wonder if the weather is due to the Gardeners World Magazine. No sooner in there an article about the need for drought resistant plants, then we have two wet, cold summers, and when there is advice, as in the February issue, about all the things we should be doing in the garden at this time of year, most are impossible due to the arctic conditions.
    Please could we have articles about what to do in icy cold Februaries and wet summers so that we have mild Februaries and warm, sunny summers from now on?
  • Now, now Margaret. It we really had the power to influence the weather then I can assure you we would put in a request to bring back those 'normal' seasons that, if memory serves me right, we used to experience. What a challenge gardening now is. Hopefully Gardeners' World Magazine will continue to provide invaluable advice that you can rely on ... whatever the weather!
  • All we need to do is delay what we have to do and the garden with some luck will respond accordingly, my garden has been under 7 inches of snow so it probably will wake up a bit later this year but hey! who cares as long as it happens at some point.
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