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Creating privacy

Until recently we had a very private back garden, but a new neighbour has removed trees from his side of the 5ft boundary fence.which now means we have a gap of about 6 ft from which we can see his house and he can obviously see ours.   I would like to plant something which will fill that gap quickly, I have a small ceanothus which I am sure will eventually help but at the moment it all looks very bare and strange.  Any suggestions?


  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    It's not thebest time of year to try to get things to grow up and hide the view. Could you put up a length of that brushwood type screening supported on poles and grow climbers over it until something more permanent takes over?

  • JEAN KJEAN K Posts: 2

    Good thinking!  Thats a great idea. Off to local garden centre tomorrow.  Thanks

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