Butterfly bush - Budleya

Gid JoinerGid Joiner Posts: 33

Hi, i have a Budleya growing in my Garden, i think it is the normal pinkish/purple one that you see growing wild, My gardener friend found me one that was a really deep purple but this died in the frost two years ago, is there any way to improve,darken,deepen the colour of the one i have? i know plant respond to the ph of the soil,how harsh the climate is,light & temp etc.. or what fertilisers it has access too, 

It grows really well & is about 4yrs old & 10 ft tall, about to flower so i'll find out what colour image


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    no,you will have to buy or take a cutting from another such plant.Buddliea comes in many lovely colours and is easy to grow and propogate.

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    The garden centres have buddlejas at the moment, just coming into flower. You should be able to pick one the colour you want.

    Black knight is very dark  purple.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
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    I have a lovely white one, don't know name, it was given to me.

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    Thanks. I'll wait to see What colour this turns out to be, can't remember from last year.



  • Gid JoinerGid Joiner Posts: 33

    I like the darker green colours so not sure about Harlequin? I like to get plants that need a home image like the roses at the front, these were those crappy little valentine ones you get in baskets at the supermarket, these two were not sold after the 14th because they looked damged & tired, I freed them by planting them out image

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