Hydrandea Black Steel white ball


I would very much like some advice.

I have a Hydrangea Black Steel White ball which is developing Blight pink spots on the petals. Is it supposed to be in Ericaceous compost? There were planting specifications with it an I could find nothing online, so assumed alkaline would be ok - and used 'Homebase multi-purpouse compost with 6 weeks feed'. I bought the plant for its lovely white blooms and would like to have it remain white. Someone suggested giving it a cup of white tea! Would this be a good thing to do?

Thank you in advance.



  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 19,762

    Hi Saffron, I think like most hydrangeas the flower colour will change a bit as the blooms progress, and also it will depend on your soil ph whether they become blue or pink. However, were you sold it as being white and staying that way? Sometimes info can be varied and quite misleading depending on the outlet you buy from. Perhaps you could try a further search online to see if you can get more accurate info on the particular variety you have. Just enter it's name or even 'black steel hydrangeas' and see what comes up. 

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    Hi Saffron, I have a white paniculata type hydrangea that starts white but does gradually turn raspberry pink like yours sounds like its doing.  It's quite normal, as FairyGirl suggested, it might be worth checking whether its meant to stay white.

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