Geranium oxonianum

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I have had 3 Wargrave Pink growing vigorously in the garden for just a few years but this year they have been very poor.  Each has been growing slightly shaded by taller Kashmir Blue geraniums behind them but the Wargrave Pink always grow really well and produce a lot of lovely pink blooms.

This year they have all but disappeared.  I had half a dozen flowers on each, very little foliage and after the first sparse collection of flowers I've dug them up from the garden and potted them to see if I can get any more life into them.

Here's one to let you see what was left of it and it's now in a new pot.   I don't think it's been the hot spell which is responsible because from the emergence of foliage each plant was at least a fifth smaller than last year. 

I've potted them in multi-p compost for the time-being.  Any ideas anyone on what I ought to be doing with them to try and save them?  They seem to have rotted away over the spring and early summer and I'm not sure why.

Many thanks.





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