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  • Julie's allotment in July 2013


    Phew it's hot out there!

    On the allotment...

    June was plentiful in strawberries which seemed to be in constant supply, and needed to be continually harvested! The overwintering onions, which were also harvested in June, and are hanging up in the shed along with the garlic.

     The herb patch is now well established with a good supply of chives and parsley. There is also sage, lavender and rosemary to be found on the allotment.

    The purple sprouting (Red Arrow) planted out last month has managed to survive the heatwave (just about...)

    Pumpkins are growing steadily and the round courgettes are ready for eating, along with some of the Black Beauty varieties. The 1st early potatoes have been harvested, and the Pentlands look nearly ready. A few broad beans have been picked already, and the peas are maturing.

    The main problem at the moment is keeping everything suitably watered, and we're pleased that we collected rainwater in barrels over the Winter! However, the water supply won't last forever and hopefully it will rain soon!

  • lpasso123lpasso123 Posts: 11

    hi my best so far has been my tomatoes and rasberrys eaten and frozen lots for first time pear and nectrine lots of fruit on, apple last year none  lots this year none,

  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    just eaten our frist broad beans,raseberries,lots of gooseberries,lettice,radish,pototoes,strawberries a few,apples and plums forming,runner beans just about ready,currants picked not alot,and waiting for Quinces.

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