My healthy looking potentilla fruiticosa

elliedaisyelliedaisy Posts: 28

it stopped flowering three years ago.  Its only about nine years old and looks very healthy.  Its in a poorish, dry soil but I feed and water it in the summer from time to time.  Its the lovely tangerine one.  Can anyone advise please?


  • elliedaisyelliedaisy Posts: 28

    Had no replies yet, maybe that means its just in the wrong place.  Could I move it in September?  And, are the roots very deep?


  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    Hi Ellie. Sorry didn't notice your post yesterday.image

    Any chance of pics? Potentillas aren't that fussy about soil or position unless its in a pretty shaded area. Do you prune and if so when?

  • SunnydayzSunnydayz Posts: 50

    Hi, just a thought what feed are you using? Some potentilla growers feed from Feb or June, but they use a rose feed according to manufacturers instructions, as they are of the rosaceae group. I don't feed, but my soil is clay, so is quite rich. Might be just worth checking what feed you use.

    Good luck

  • elliedaisyelliedaisy Posts: 28

    I've been pruning each year to keep it small.  Gulp!  I'll leave it alone for a bit.  Thank you so much everybody.  I haven't figured out how to put photos on here yet.

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