Downton vs Eastenders

Corry and Downton has us sorted for the night.



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    Verdun, you need to watch it to make  a judgement. Many of the "upstairs" folk are painted as vile, while many "below" are wonderful.

    I've loved it from the very start

    Totally agree about eastenders,  Unattractive , inarticulate people arguing with each other.

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    I have to agree with Verdun about Downton. The 5% lording it over the rest of us commoners kept in our place....

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    I apologise Jo if I've offended you, it was not my intention. My feelings however regarding Downton remain the same.

    I did see Avatar this afternoon on Film 4. Love that film and am very much looking forward to Harry Price Ghost Hunter image

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  • Crumbs!  I feel as if I should touch me forelock and curtsey (or something like that).  Actually, I have enjoyed Downton, and loved the prog tonight.  I have been given the box set as a present, and the accompanying book.  I don't feel patronised or downtrodden (see the near-play-on-words there? image).  The drama, the costumes etc have all been pretty good, even if a bit sanitised.  But it is entertainment pure and simple.  If I want to think a bit more about the class system and its implications, then I suspect that one J. Corbyn Esq will give me a masterclass.  image

    Each to their own.  One man's meat is another man's poison - and I have loved the escapism of Downton.

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    Last night I watched Sinatra with Gene Kelly, Toy Story and How to train your Dragon ( image ) - then repeats of Have I got News For You.

    Then fell asleep image

    Today I will watch The Nutcracker which I recorded when I was out yesterday. 

    Christmas Day telly is usually pretty rotten unless you like the soaps, Downton or whatever the current flavour of the month is. I don't watch any of the usual favourite shows so Having Toy Story to watch, yet again,  was great! image

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

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    The Titchfield Thunderbolt last night image

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