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How do i grow new plant from bottle brush plant seed please??


 Hi all

i have a gorgeous bottle brush plant that i bought and i would like to collect the seed and try to grow another bush rom the seed.  The picture i have attached shows the flower heads which have finished flowering and fallen from the bush, i am just wondering wher the actual seeds are located? I have taken a couple apart and found a fine brown powder inside, is this the seed?  Can anyone offer me any advice please?

Many thanks in advance!


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    Hi Davie, the fine dust is indeed the seed.  I've never managed to grow one from seed but I know someone who's mum managed to germinate some by treating them to some fire first! As they are native bush plants apparently they germinate after bush fires.  Not sure how true that is - might be worth a google first.

  • Hi PaulaH, thanks for the reply.  Looks like ive got some more research to do then, i may try to just plant some of the seeds and see if i have any luck.  I will keep as many seeds as poss and plant lots, hopefully one will take.

  • Hi, I bought 2 types of bottle brush from a gardening show many years ago, one was a dwarf variety. I have them in pots at the back of my house which gets a lot of sun. I have never tried to collect the seeds as I never imagined I could grow babies. I gave the dwarf plant a top dressing of soil one year which I think must have helped some new or dormant seed to grow. I found lots of baby plants had started in the pot which I have managed to plant up into separate plants. I am now at the stage of wondering what to do with these new babies regarding best pruning etc. But I would recommend putting some fresh soil on the surface of where it’s planted and either leaving the seed pods to sow themselves or wait until they are very dry on the plant and see if anything releases from them? But I thought I would let you know my experience and that there was no fire involved.😁😁🔥 I am in Cambridgeshire. The first picture is of the larger variety, the second the dwarf as it is now and the third picture is the babies and how differently each one has grown..Apparently my plants could be a new hybrid of this one and the dwarf?? Will be interesting, but that’s the joy of gardening.

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