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recover dry out clementi Persian


Please advise if it's possible to recover my drying Persian clemanti. It was healthy sprouting with new leaves & climbing up the wall, but due to we been away from holiday a week jz right under the heatwave, all leaves have been dry out & stem have become woody.

I cut down til the part which i can see some green stem remaining & repotted it with rooting hormone & fresh compost, hope it can come up with some new growth, just wondering if anyone would have any gd suggest that what else i can do to have it back?? It's the first clementi i grow because it has the most attractive flower i love!!!

Thank you!!


  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    water it every day with plenty of water. I had a clematis that I dug up and thought I would lose but i put it in a bucket of water (with out water )and it came back to life and I still have it.plenty of water and depth of planting with shade for the feet and sun for the top.image

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