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Venus flytrap

I have had a Venus fly trap for about 3 months and it looks like it is starting to flower do I leave it to flower ? Thanks 


  • ClaringtonClarington Posts: 4,949

    Mexborough: what kind of venus fly trap is it do you know? I have been told that some can smell like cat pee when they flower yet when mine flowered not only did it look lovely it didn't smell at all.

  • No I don't , thanks for your reply 

  • It is said that flowering has an exhausting effect in cultivation (dunno how true this is), and they are nothing special, so unless you want seeds it might be best to remove the stem when it is two or three inches long.

    They normally flower in spring, but lots of plants are flowering out of season because of the unusually mild weather.

  • I'd cut the flower off, it supposed to be in a dorment state.


  • Thanks for your advice 

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